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POLL: What kind of countertops do you have in your kitchen?

How To Clean A Cast Iron Skillet Congratulations Kitchen And Bath family! You've made it this far! Are you ready to learn how to clean a cast iron skillet the right way so that you can reduce the number of times that you will have to season your cast iron? Grab your skillet and let us dive right in! You are going to need: Salt Oil Fresh Water After you have the items above we can now get started so follow along with these steps below: Sprinkle a spoonful of salt onto the dirty cast iron skillet Take a spoonful of cooking oil and pour it over the salt Rub the oil-salt paste over the pan or skillet in circular motions to help loosen debris Use a metal spatula to scrape off any food that is really caked on Now, wipe the salt and the oil out of the skillet or pan The cooking oil is added to help loosen crud & it also adds more seasoning to the skillet or pan. We know that you may want to add some dish soap to kill off the germs but DON'T DO IT! The salt is a great antibacterial alternative. All you need when cleaning your cast iron skillet or pan is salt and oil! Continuing to clean the skillet by using salt to clear away debris and then rubbing it down with oil, your cast iron will only get better with time!

How To Clean A Cast Iron Skillet